Our mission at EngageSCV is to represent, inspire, and support the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Santa Clarita Valley to create a better future for all.


“A great group of individuals with diverse backgrounds in tech, design, and culture. I always appreciate a crowd that I can be enthusiastically nerdy with.”
—Mark Wasyl

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"Being in the process of trying to get a website together (and having no clue to what I'm doing), the "users point of view" was in the back of my head, but wasn't the focus it should be. So that was important advice to pick up from the meeting (THANKS!). Can't wait to get together again.”
—Jim Nicoson

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"EngageSCV is an awesome place to grow your startup and meet amazing entrepreneurs, developers and really talented people. Lots of perks…private parking and entrance, excellent coffee, snacks, and nearby restaurants. Good vibes!!"
—Felix Bustos III

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EngageSCV is different.

We don't make money from events or desk rentals—the real value comes from the connections made inside the community.

Whiz Tutor

Featured SCV Startup

Having graduated from Techstars’ Startup Next program, which prepares startups for accelerators and seed investment, WhizTutor is now gaining considerable traction and is applying to accelerators.

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Get to know Whiz Tutor founders Justin Clark and Ryan Rodriguez.

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